Conditions for submitting works in the 23rd seminar for pharmacy students
1- According to the seminar regulations, sending works is possible only for students and graduates of general pharmacy of pharmacy as well as students of specialized fields of pharmacy.
2- According to the regulations, pharmacy graduates can participate in the seminar only up to two years after graduation. Therefore, only pharmacists who graduated in 1998 and later can participate.
3- Articles can be submitted in both original article and review. Of course, it should be noted that the priority is to accept original articles.
4- In the call stage, only abstracts of articles will be sent and the articles that will be selected after judging will be presented in full during the seminar.
5- Submission of abstracts is possible only in English and the maximum allowed for the text of abstracts is 500 words.
6- There is no limit to the number of authors of an article, but each article will be presented in the seminar if accepted by a maximum of one person - the person who submits the article.
7- There is no limit on the number of articles submitted and any person can submit any number of articles with the mentioned conditions.